Meet the Headteacher

Welcome to Lime Walk Primary School.

Firstly, I would like to say how excited and privileged I feel to call myself Headteacher of Lime Walk Primary School.  At Lime Walk Primary School we provide all children with a rich curriculum that enables learners to explore and discover the world around them through exciting, practical and hands-on-experiences that foster curiosity and questioning. We equip children with the skills to safely and confidently explore and understand the ever changing world around them and guide individuals to form views and ask questions that broaden their understanding.

We want children to build on existing knowledge and learn to apply skills through a range of activities independently and collaboratively. We strive to personalise learning and make links between concepts taught in the classroom and children’s own experiences.

Opportunities to extend learning through meaningful and worthwhile activities that involve the local community, visiting speakers or school trips and journeys are maximised and outside learning opportunities create children who are engaged, confident and aspirational.

At Lime Walk we want children to learn and grow their inquisitive nature, participate alongside their peers, and engage in their interests to acquire the skills and enthusiasm needed to pursue learning for the rest of their lives.  Lime Walk is fortunate enough to have a dedicated and caring team of professionals who have high expectations and want the best for your children.

As Headteacher I promise to fully engage with all members of the community to see that the children of Lime Walk Primary School receive an education that inspires them, engages their passions and one that will live fondly in their memories for many years to come.

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