Year 5

Class Teacher
Our class teacher is Mrs Kennett. As well as being the Year 5 teacher, she is also responsible for leading Music and Design and Technology. Mrs Kennett, alongside Miss Burton, will be leading the school choir on Wednesday after school.

Class Teaching Assistant
Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Bladon. She supports the pupils in their learning during lessons and teaches interventions too. The Lunch Time Club is also one of her responsibilities.

Class Studies
The children will be learning key punctuation and grammar this term, throughout all areas of the curriculum. Our Mathematics work will be focusing on place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and number. Children will need to check their answers through the use of estimation and the inverse operations. Throughout the term, children will be securing their knowledge through contextual problem solving. Our English work will focus firstly, on poetry, then report writing, with Macbeth in the final half term. We will continue with our fortnightly Ink Slinging, giving the children opportunity to show off their writing ability.

Our topic this half term is based on ‘Habitats’ and ‘Healthy Eating’ in the next half term. In History we will be learning about the local History of Hemel Hempstead whilst looking at maps of the area in more detail in Geography. Our Science topics are ‘Living things and their habitats’ and ‘Animals including Humans’ which include the reproduction of plants and animals.

P.E. will be taught on Monday and Thursday afternoons. This half term we will be focusing on athletics. Please ensure your child/children have their P.E. kits at school for every lesson. Children wearing earrings will be expected to either put tape over their earrings or to remove them.

On Thursday May 4th we will be attending a singing festival at St John’s church in Boxmoor. We will then have a series of three trips which link to our Healthy Eating topic. These will take place on Wednesday 7th June, 14th June and 21st of June in the mornings.