Year 5

Class Teacher
Our class teacher is Miss Mitchell.

Class Teaching Assistant
Our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Adelegun

Class Studies
In year 5 this half term we are continuing to write a mystery story based on the class book ‘The boy in the Tower’. We have followed Ade on a journey as he tried to figure out the causes of the falling buildings in his area and now we hope to help him get his mum to safety!
In maths, we will be investigating fractions with Miss Stevens and Miss Mitchell so learning our timetables at home will really help make this easier.
Our most exciting topic this half term is our DT project! With Mr Hutchings and Miss Mitchell we will be building an Anglo Saxon boat which we designed last half term! We will be learning to use saws, glue guns and make accurate designs and edit them to improve our final boat. This will link in to the geography that is being taught by Miss Stevens where we are learning all about water and the different sources such as rivers, seas and lakes.

Our homework this half term will still be focusing on our writing! Each week you will receive another picture to base a piece of writing on. This can be any form of writing at all for example a diary or a poem! Please complete one whole page and ensure the quality is as good if not better than we see at school to obtain a house point!