Year 4

Class Teacher
Our class teacher is Mrs Kennett. As well as being the Year 4 teacher, she is also responsible for leading Reading, Music and Design and Technology. Mrs Kennett will be leading the reading club during lunch hour on a Wednesday.

Class Teaching Assistant
Our Teaching Assistant is Mr Nicholl. He is a HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant) and supports the pupils in their learning during lessons and teaches interventions too.

Class Studies
This half term, the children will learn to write Play scripts and persuasive text. To support them in this, they will be looking at Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, as well as the adaptation for the stage by Adrian Mitchell. Year 4 will be working extremely hard to improve their writing; thinking about how they might engage the reader, use expanded noun phrases, figurative language and fronted adverbials with commas. They will also be working at using a range of sentence starters.

In Maths, Year 4 will continue to learn number and place value; all four operations; mental maths and work on improving problem solving skills. Children are encouraged to know their times tables fluently.

Our first half term topic is based on our Science and Design and Technology topic of electricity: ‘Inventors’. In Science we will be learning about electricity and then put this into practice in Design and Technology where we will be looking at torches and then designing and making our own.

We will continue to learn about the Romans in History, extending this to map work in Geography where we will be looking at Roman towns and where the Romans built roads in England.

P.E. will be taught on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. On Monday afternoons we will be focusing on tag rugby whilst the Wednesday lesson will be a swimming lesson at the Sports Space. Please ensure your child/children have their P.E. kits at school for every lesson. Children wearing earrings will be expected to either put tape over their earrings or to remove them.